Thursday, September 15, 2011

Larry Crowne...

Full disclosure. I went to this film with a group of my best good friends and there were mixed reviews. But, I loved this movie. At first I thought so much of it was just too implausible to even consider. Who goes to their speech class and falls in love with the teacher who happens to look exactly like Julia Roberts. Then, I remembered the many friends I've have, every bit as gorgeous, who have been left by jerks. I was impressed that in this one Hollywood film, they admit that pornography has victims and they are not just the objectified women in the pictures. When I started thinking about some of the divorces that I know any details about.. pornography was a problem in most of them.
Who joins a scooter gang whose mission is to Feng shui everything and make it beautiful... umm.. I'd LOVE to! :)
The themes of being divorced, down-sized and broke are pretty depressing, but they are reality for so very many people around our country right now. The answer to healing our broken country has a lot to do with healing it's homes.. but a Feng shui scooter gang couldn't hurt. See it!


Michelle said...

I really enjoyed it! I didn't have very high expectations so I was happy. Fun movie, good popcorn great friends!

Cathi said...

I loved this film! The scooter gang cracked me up!