Friday, August 05, 2011

LDS Museum of History and Art: Part 2...

 The LDS Museum of History & Art is a summer tradition, but we should go even more often. It is really excellent. And, if you have questions, the missionaries there are really knowledgeable. In addition to the really great LeConte Stewart exhibit (REALLY excellent).. there is a quilt show and a very fun children's activity center. .. In fact, don't take your kids unless you've planned to stay because they can learn some Mexican dances wearing the big skirts.. collect eggs from chickens and play farm etc... They won't want to leave.
I'm sorry about the terrible photos. I have never been able to take a decent photo w/out natural light. But, anyway I wanted to show you a few of the beautiful quilts they have on display. This one above was my favorite. I love crazy quilts. It's fun to read about them too. They all have an amazing story.

I don't know how to make quilts, but I know enough to know that this one was hard..

They have a fun magnet board for children to design their own. L likes crazy quilts too.

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