Monday, August 22, 2011

A Few Random Thoughts...

I feel like my life is a fast moving hurricane sometimes. Where did the summer go? My photos of c are crazy because she was still little girl at the first of the summer, but it's like she grew up in the sunshine. She was more nervous to start school this year than last and couldn't get to sleep last night. It's back to school, dance, fencing and the social life of a teen. If she doesn't get up in time for me to visit with her in the mornings, I'll barely see her for nine months... so she has to get up! Our morning chats are one of my favorite things in life.
l is home with me, thank heavens. She has enthusiasm to spare and is finally learning to speak more clearly. Her new phrase, "CUTE! I LOVE it!" She enjoyed Jackie's vocal recital more than anyone, but couldn't resist joining in on one of the big finishes. Is Opera in her future?
My neighbor gave us a tip for scriptures that finally seems to have us in a routine. Everyone reads 2 verses. That is doable no matter how busy or how late. We can read for longer if we have more time and we've had some good discussions with it and it's working with the wide diversity of ages we're working with. .. for the most part. Family Home Evening and Scripture Study are habits that I feel are totally essential for my family right now and I just want to have zero guilt there.
I was grateful for our lesson on chastity in church yesterday. Our R.S. president gave a great lesson part of which was relaying an experience her son had when he was invited to prom by a girl who came to the door in a low cut backless dress and made the poor kid absolutely miserable for an entire evening. It is true that there are men out there that can have licentious thoughts about a woman in a burka, and I just don't think you can dress for them. But most men I think are fine as long as a girl doesn't have bits and pieces hanging out. I know some amazing women that wonder why they are always dating losers, but they dress in a way that a good man isn't even going to see them because he'll be looking the other way... and the guy that does look only wants what is being advertised.
The same is true for boys who go around with their pants hanging down. It makes them look like they are advertising for a gay lover... sorry to be so blunt. I'm just being honest. I hope someday soon, more elegant clothing will make a real comeback in the general population. Anyway, it was a fascinating lesson and I wish that we could have gone in to the Sunday School hour because so many had great observations and comments and I wanted to hear them all.
However, Sunday school was fun. Two elder missionaries came and they both seemed like they'd been in the field all of two weeks. I think they were a little nervous. Both of them are farm boys from small towns.. one from a dairy farm and the other raises turkeys. We were entertained by the stories of the Otis/Odena the $1,200 prize winning turkey and enjoyed so much the elder's best piece of advice for parents, "Money isn't everything, buy your kids a blizzard." I don't think I've ever bought my kids a blizzard... but maybe a YogoTogo is in order for the first day of school.. We'll see.

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Michelle said...

Love it Tif! I agree, B grew up so much this summer. We survived the first day of junior high and it feels like a whole new phase is beginning.