Tuesday, May 03, 2011

It's only 10 AM and... Good news and hmmm.

Good news? I have been walking around with only one sock on since last night. I can't decide if I'm warm or cold and while this happened because baby l left a strawberry under one of my feet (which made another pink polka spot in my carpet... :) it seems to work.
More good news... Also, I've been to the SLC post office and back b/c I forgot to pay a bill and it's due tomorrow. The late fee would still be more than the gas, although that may not be true next month. L and I listened to A Tale of Two Cities all the way at full volume.. so it was glorious. L likes to sing the little girl part even though she doesn't know the words. It sounds pretty sweet. And, I love to drive along side the mountains. They are so beautiful to me.
Bad news... I've been in a fight w/ c .. which is a bummer. I always want her to love me and she doesn't this morning. She came in my room crying b/c she has curly hair. "Waaaah.. why must I have curly hair!??" I said very flatly, "You inherited it from me. I've always been very proud of it and happy that I looked different. You are gorgeous and if someone is telling you different, they are a jerk. Go get ready for school." I just can't go there. There are kids whose dad's don't have jobs right now. There are kids w/ no dads at all. There are hungry kids, pimply kids, fat kids, kids that can't read. There are kids with cancer and a kid who's missing one of his legs. All of these kids have to face being different at school. I just can't get all worked up that Heaven blessed my daughter with beautiful curly hair. Can you tell that I'm still bugged? Peer pressure is so stupid. If you have advice... please share because this comes up regularly and I am obviously not getting through.
Even more good news... Guess what? The library has a acquired some new recorded books... Wallace Stegner! Crossing to Safety, which is my favorite, is among the new acquisition!
Even more good news... My dad and I are taste testing powdered eggs. Which means I have to make cookies and see how they turn out. I'm going to copy a cookie I tried at Deseret Book which was sooooo yummy. So that will be fun.


Michelle said...

Sounds like a topic for lunch! How cme we thought parenting would get easier as we go along but it is getting harder? I just started reading Queen bees and wannabes let you know if it is helpful. All I know is you are a great mother!

GeNee said...

I am sorry Charity does not like her cury hair. I had a big talk with her and told her what a glorious head of hair she has. But Jr. High is hard for kids sometimes,

jackieadams said...

I had thick curly hair and everyone was wearing it straight and parted in the middel to be like Cher. That is so ugly. My mom helped me comb "Uncurl" straightener through it and helped me iron it on the ironing board. Pretty soon my desire to try to make it straight went away. I'm not advising you to do that. I'm just thinking it is a stage that will pass and Charity will soon love her hair.