Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Great Food Storage Tips...

My friend Denise recommended this powdered milk for our food storage when I asked for her advice. It is available at Bowman's and has quite a long shelf life. My dad found THIS blog post where a taste comparison was done. There are a few cheaper alternatives and the recommendation is to have a few of those on hand for bread making etc... but for drinking/price per gallon and nutrition... This is the winner. If you are interested in the price break down. Let me know and I will email you a list.

Then, if you are working on your storage. THIS food storage calculator is so helpful. I still have quite a few things to do.

Also learned this week: Bugs won't touch your sugar according to two sources. My parents have had sugar stored in just the paper store bags they come in and nothing has touched it. I bought 10 pound bags (best sale ever at Bowman's this week.. cheaper than the case lot sale) and tied them in grocery sacks just to prevent spillage and put them in a large plastic bin, but apparently that is more than you need to do.

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