Tuesday, March 08, 2011

What Every Freshman Should Know...

From the post below, you can see that I have been reading statements on socialism by modern prophets and apostles. While I was doing that, I came across this talk of Elder Boyd K. Packer given to a graduating class at Utah State University in 1973. This talk hit me right in the heart as I remember some of the challenges I faced in my classes with my different professors.
My biology class at BYU taught many things that didn't sit well with me. I sat in that class confused and frustrated. My Romantic Lit. professor was a tool and a half, in love with himself and his own voice and the students who flattered and patronized him. I was not one of those and he made me miserable.
My favorite professor taught Shakespeare. Dr. Glade Hunsaker had such a love of beautiful language, beautiful music and noble ideas. I am a better person because I was a member of that class. Class lasted about 5 electric minutes and we left with our brains abuzz with loveliness. Sometimes Dr. Hunsaker would sing to us bits of his favorite operas (Pilgrim's Chorus) and weave the stories into our lesson. I've always liked opera and I loved that. Dr. Hunsaker taught us how the study of great beauty can make us more beautiful and how close art can bring us to divinity. I remember being so happy in that class. I knew the things that I was learning were good and right. I hope my daughters will have teachers like Dr. Hunsaker.
You have to be so wise so young these days. There are those who want to help you up and those who want to trip you up. What Every Freshman Should Know is wise council for all of us searching for truth. I read it aloud to my family tonight. I hope some sunk in, but I'm not taking any chances. I will be reading it aloud again soon. I think it would be great for the first of every school year.


love.boxes said...

English Translation of Pilgrims Chorus:
Through penance and repentance I have propitiated (regained the favor of)
the Lord, Whom my heart serves,
Who crowns my repentance with blessing,
The Lord to Whom my song goes up!

The salvation of pardon is granted the penitent,
in days to come he will walk in the peace of the blessed!

Hell and death do not appal him,
therefore will I praise God my life long.

Alleluia! Alleluia in eternity

Janice said...

Wow. That is one to keep and read often.

Kelli said...

tiffany, you are amazing. so wise and learned. thanks for all your insight. i love reading what you have to say.

love.boxes said...

Thanks Kelli :) I'm trying to spend some time learning everyday.

Alicia said...

That's funny. I wonder if we had the same Romantic Lit. professor. Also, I didn't like Dr. Hunsaker as much. I thought he was so arrogant. However, most professors and teachers have to be because they are easy targets for criticism. And a lot of them deserve it. But anyway, whatever I didn't like about him, he taught me more about how to read literature than anyone except my bible as lit. professor.