Thursday, February 10, 2011

One Amazing Thing...

I have to admit that I purchased this book for its beautiful cover. Well, I picked it up for the cover anyway. I had been meaning to read something by Chitra Divakaruni though since I had missed reading a collection of her stories in one of my book clubs.
This book is also a collections of stories. Trapped in the aftermath of a terrible earthquake. Nine maybe survivors tell each other one amazing story from their lives.
Each survivor seems to choose a story that will best explain them... why they have become the person they are. They tell their stories from the perspective of little hope of survival with nothing to lose.
I thought that seemed like an interesting premise. And, it was gripping reading. I devoured the book. Then, I wondered if faced with the same situation what kind of story I would tell.


Queen Elizabeth said...

I've read a couple of her books and enjoyed them. Thanks for the recommendation.

Circe said... it being lent out yet? :) I have loved her other books.

Alicia said...

That book cover is beautiful. That sounds like a very good book!