Monday, February 07, 2011

Garlic & Sapphires...

I really enjoyed this book. Next to my home state of Utah, NYC holds the second place in my heart. But, it's not for it's fine restaurants. I wouldn't dare go to any of these places and declare that I don't drink. And, since I don't drink wine, I'm not sure I would like Foie gras, which seems to be on the menu in all these places.

But, still, I loved reading about these places I will probably never visit. I felt like Ruth was right in the room telling me about her adventures in Flushing Queens, (this I MUST someday see). My favorite person in the book was Ed Levine. I would love to meet him. When I go to NYC, that's what I do, I eat myself up and down the streets. I would have loved to see the candy shop. I bet it isn't there anymore sadly.

You walk off the street into a little pizza place and it's just the best you've ever tasted. New York smells like food... and a few other things, but if you concentrate it just smells mostly of really good food.

Also, I've never found NY to be snobby or the people to be rude. I only had one cab driver treat me badly. .. so I don't ride in the black cabs anymore, just the yellow ones. But, I learned to use the subway and it's such a better way to travel around the city.

Anyway, I could go on.. but the book was an adventure in food, my kind of adventure! And, a kind of tribute to a favorite city. Lots of fun!


Janice said...

Another friend just told me about this book. Time to add it to my good reads.

Shauna said...

I LOVE NYC and want to read this book. Thanks for posting.

michelle said...

I read her other books too and enjoyed them too.