Sunday, February 20, 2011

Black Beans...

My dilemma is this: I store a lot of dried black beans in my storage. I love black beans, but my thought was that I hoped to never have to use them. I was going to buy cans at Costco instead because that's easier.
Then, came the very popular Black Bean Soup Recipe. What I thought was a six month supply of black beans disappeared in a big hurry.

Revelation: Stephanie over at A Year of Slow Cooking has written careful answers to all my bean questions including careful measurements like, "1 2/3 cups of crock pot beans = 1 can store bought." And, the helpful information that I can store my beans in the freezer (in the same amount as the cans) for 6 months. Cooking Dried Beans in a Slow Cooker is an amazing post. I learned so much. I can do this. Thank you Stephanie!

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