Tuesday, January 11, 2011

American Girl Magazine...

The arrival of this magazine in the mail is a moment of bliss at our house. It is filled with imaginative fun, with projects, recipes and ideas that are age appropriate. One of our favorite sections is where we are introduced to other girls the same age as c across the country. They tell a little bit about themselves, their interests and a typical day. It's a whole new world. Life it is different for every girl and yet the same.
Because I've found other news, blogs and creative instruction online, I have dropped all of our own subscriptions with the exception of Business Week (with which I'm currently not impressed). This is literally the only subscription left. Worthwhile.

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Alicia said...

That is so cool! I was just thinking that when Gloria is older, I wanted to get her into the American Girls stuff. Thanks for the recommendation. I didn't know they had a great magazine.