Friday, July 03, 2009


I have wanted to see this film for a long time because it has come so highly recommended. Even though I'm not really a Science Fiction/Fantasy fan, I thought it was pretty interesting. I just have some brain sprain during shows like this that keep me from enjoying it properly.. like, "If they can visit the moons of Saturn, then why can't they cure spinal cord injuries." "If they can genetically engineer folksies down to their eye color, then why can't they cure spinal cord injuries." "If they can chop your legs off, and put them in halos and grow your legs 2-3 inches.. after your growth plates have closed.. then why can't they cure spinal cord injuries.. and even alcoholism now that I think of it." You see how this goes around and around.
This movie came out 11 years ago and some of the Science Fiction is a reality... or technology has bettered film fantasy.
In the film they scan fingerprints, but now we have a retinal eye scanner. A company in Salt Lake called Sarcos develops these amazing exoskeletons that can assist a man in lifting heavy weight and all kinds of things.. when you see it, it makes you think of Marvel Comics super heroes. I guess in a way we live in the future some of these older films dreamed of, happily, the future has been much brighter than imagined.

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Blake said...

that is cool about that company in SLC! this was a great movie. You would be surprised what they have espeically in healthcare nowadays but isnt widely used yet. within the next ten years or less I think we will see stuff like this explode out on to the scene.