Tuesday, April 07, 2009

The Brave Cowboy...

Last night little c was reading baby l this cute book. I love Joan Walsh Anglund and have always been inspired by her artwork. This cute little story about the power and magic of having a fun pretend friend has always been a favorite and captures the vivid imagination of a 4 year old boy very well.


michelle said...

Love it!

Alicia said...

I like this author a lot too.

Nash said...

this is shanda nash from the student ward in salt lake.
we used to walk in the mornings.
just thought of you the other day and asked kim ellsworth on facebook and she directed me here. i can't wait to look around the site. you were always so amazing with all of your painting.
i was trying to remember the name of another girl in the ward who had 3 boys i think. she lived kind of close to you with slightly reddish hair? it's driving me crazy.
well it's great to see you. i will put you in my google reader now.
hope all is well.

love.boxes said...

Hello Shanda! Good to hear from you. I hope you are doing really well too. Thanks for the stir fry suggestions, I will try those ideas next time and see how it goes. I think that you are thinking of Lydia?

We had such a fun ward! It's good to hear from another member. We are lucky to see B. & Sister Paxton ocasionally.