Saturday, February 07, 2009

The Kingfisher...

I thought that I was in for a tender love story... love the second time around type thing when I rented this film. No! This is not a tender story at all. It's dry English sarcasm. Rex Harrison plays the part of a rake who has spent the past 50 years "recovering from his broken heart" by having affair after scandalous affair throughout Europe only to find himself a lonely old bachelor (whose butler is in love with him... yep) and whose old love has recently been widowed... she stops by the house after the funeral to stay the weekend and maybe forever.
I thought most of this was hilarious.. but you have to enjoy your humor on the very dry side to enjoy this... it's not for everyone. And while the subject matter is scandalous.. the rating is really quite tame .. a few bad words and the rest is left to your imagination.


Maria said...

Anything with Dry humor is great by me!!

I had a question...would you be willing to paint names on some tea cups for my little girls b-day party in March? If you are way too busy I totally understand I was just trying to think of a way to make the tea cup personalized as this would be there
"take home" item. Any thoughts?


Jacquelyn Sherry said...

I love Rex Harrison!

love.boxes said...

Absolutely Maria.. bring them by. :)

Maria said...

Thanks so much! I still need to buy them but how long do you need? When do I need to have them to you by? The party will be March 7th.

Thanks so much!!!!


love.boxes said...

Bring them as soon as you can.. :)