Tuesday, December 02, 2008

The Ultimate Christmas Movie List...

We collect Christmas shows around here. My very favorites are:

1. It's A Wonderful Life
2. The Miracle on 34th Street (both old and new)
3. Albert Finney's Scrooge
4. Elf
5. White Christmas

and after that... not in order

6. The Family Man
7. Frosty the Snowman
8. Santa Claus is Coming to Town
9. The Little Drummer Boy
10. Home Alone
11. A Christmas Story
12. The Shop Around the Corner
13. The Ultimate Gift
14. Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas
15. Patrick Stewart's version of A Christmas Carol
16. The Christmas Card
17. Holiday Inn
18. Christmas in Connecticut
19. The Santa Clause 1,2 & 3
20. A Charlie Brown Christmas
21. While You Were Sleeping
22. How The Grinch Stole Christmas

This year we are going to try:

Joyeux Noel
The Bishop's Wife (w/Cary Grant)
Scrooged (w/ Bill Murray)
The Dead
We're No Angels

Are there any must see or at least pretty good films on this list that I've missed?


Amy said...

Two of our favorites growing up (and I've introduced them to my kids) are Mickey's Christmas Carol (cartoon version of A Christmas Carol) and Muppet Family Christmas. Wonderful! You can view both in segment on YouTube. I love your selections. Many of those are my favorites too.

Blue House Mom said...

It's a Wonderful Life is my favorite. This is a great list! Have you seen The Bells of St. Mary's? Or Emmet Otter's JugBand Christmas?

Jacquelyn Sherry said...

I think I remember liking the Bishop's Wife, but who doesn't like anything with Cary Grant in it?! That's what I'm sayin', mmmhm!

While you were sleeping is hilarious. They showed a clip from it in my language development class haha.

michelle said...

Somebody told me that Fred Claus was cute like Elf but I haven't tried it yet. Thanks for the great list to work off of this year!

Shelese said...

A few for the days your feeling a little un-classy (if you have those days? :) are The Grinch w/ Jim Carey and Christmas Vacation. Even if you don't love sitting through the movies they are both so fun to quote later, right?

Rach said...

Oh yes you forgot the Navitity Story with Keshia Castle Hughes. It was wonderful! I got it last year. It is like the real nativity done very well and is pretty scripturally accurate. I highly recommend it

Jessica said...

Hey Tiffany! A Muppet Christmas Carol is my favorite version by far. And where's Rudolph on this list?

jomandy said...

Tiffany I just got your cute Christmas card yesterday. It was the first card of the season. You always send the best cards. Thanks!

Rebecca said...

I've been off for so long, it's funny how I've missed checking in, Miss Love Boxes! I have much reading to do ... of course the Capra poster caught my eye first :)

Lately, seems like we either have on Frosty or Charlie Brown's Christmas. Although, the old Rudolph is turning in to quite the hit with little Anna.