Thursday, September 11, 2008

Big voices... and some thoughts on 9/11...

God created the rose and the rainbow, the summer sky and the snowflake. AND, he created the beautiful voice of Luciano Pavarotti. I have been a big fan since Jr. High. He is my favorite tenor of the favorite tenors, although I love them all. When he sings it is so beautiful that I feel inspired to be a better person. That's what great art should always do I think.
We were watching a documentary about his life last night on PBS (I love you PBS). It was so fun to watch him perform some of the pieces that became his signatures. How can you sing a song a million times and still sing it with tears in your eyes. Maybe he knew that his voice was touched by angels and that pure beauty sang out. I don't know, but I had a lump in my throat. There are people who leave a big hole in that atmosphere when they are gone.
We lost so many of those people 7 years ago today. From the very accomplished and intelligent Barbara Olsen to so many of the first generation Americans who were just on duty doing dishes in the World Trade Centers that day. Who knows what they might have done and become? I believe that the cost in dollars of what we really lost that day is incalcuable. People are always our biggest resource.
In honor of this day. I wanted to post some lyrics to a beautiful anthem made famous by another amazing tenor from East of Eden. Whenever I hear this beautiful song, it reminds me to be grateful for liberty, for the good people of this nation.. so many of whom do their best each day to make it ever greater.
An American Hymn
I have seen a summer day
that slowly opens like a rose
along a quiet road that wanders by
And I have smiled and wonder'd
Where it goes
I have stumbled through the night
Alone as any man can be
Then found a silent canyon full of stars
And in my heart I heard them telling me
I was home
The gentle winds, the rains that fall
The tallest trees, and I'm part of it all
I've seen the silver mountain tops
And golden prairies on my way
Now everywhere I go across the land
I stand so proudly in the sun and say
I am home
I've dreamed of eden all my life
I find it more and more each day
Now everywhere I go across the land
I stand so proudly in the sun and say
I am home...


michelle said...

Lovely post tif

Zee said...

I truly remember this day...

Zee said...

I truly remember this day...

Circe said...

I will always love Pavarotti with an intensity that's not rational. Thanks for the reminder!

Carolyn said...

My Mom was an absolute opera FREAK and the biggest Pavarotti fan I ever know. While in my early 20's I was fortunate enough to see him perform live here in Detroit.

My favorites: "La Donna E Mobile" from Rigoletto and "Libiamo Ne'lieti Calici (Brindisi)" from La Traviata

simply amazing.