Saturday, July 05, 2008

The Girl in the Cafe...

This film was fairly well written and acted. Bill Nighy plays a work worn and lonely man who is highly placed in the British government. His work involves trying to solve third-world poverty. He meets a girl in a cafe, Gina played by Kelly Macdonald who is also a lonely care-worn sort of person. They try to become friends and companions and a romance ensues which is stressed by her honest expression of HIS opinions to his bosses.
The political part is quite naive and very Hollywood. Just hand out tons of money and that will solve Africa. How many billions of dollars have just been stolen by the corrupt governments of that continent... will we ever know? It is a far more complicated problem than it's made to seem in the film. Still, the idea of being the generation that rises to the occasion and solves the problems of extreme poverty is inspiring to contemplate.
There is a love scene with nudity... so not for kids.

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Rebecca said...

Sounds pretty good! One more for the que!