Monday, January 01, 2007

Country Living Magazine... January 2007

Do not miss this issue of Country Living. I finally got my copy today. Where has it been, I do not know. I have been waiting and waiting for it. Anyway, it has the best article about Alexandra's style, and has photos of her ribbon closet, her quilt collection, her lovely bedroom, her color palette (which is also mine, I'm so excited about that). It is so beautiful you just won't believe it!!! And, I forgot to say there is a picture of the famous ribbon tablecloth that she designed a long time ago, but I have always wanted to see and she even tells how to make it.
Also, if you go here, you can see part of the the article (the photographs are not as good on my computer as in the magazine), but also you can hear an audio of Alexandra telling about her new book. It is just beautiful and inspiring. Really, do not miss.
And, not only that, the rest of the magazine is good too; there is a lime green dresser that is so lovely. Oh Happiness!!!


michelle said...

Next stop barnes and noble! That tablecloth sounds amazing

michelle said...

I finally found it at B&N last night, haven't gotten to take my time and savor it yet. I think a valentines day ribbon tablecloth would be so cute though!

michelle said...

Finally got really enjoy my copy, it was great! Loved the dresser too! And I really would like to try and make a tablecloth. Guess I'll have to start collecting ribbon!

Natalie said...

If it's anything Alexandra, I'm there. I must get a copy!