Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Great Desserts!!!

Five different friends that I can think of have black painted tables. Wouldn't these plates look great on a black painted table? I have seen these plates around several places. They are called Parisian Wallpaper and they come as a set of 4 in this cute box. They are also on sale at Spiegel for $34.00.


Jenni said...

love them

michelle said...

here is the yummiest fudge recipe yet: 1 Cup butter 1 can evaporated milk 4 cups sugar 1pag green mint chocolate chip(guittard brand, find them at thriftway grocery stores like Bowmans) 1 bottle of marshmallow cream 1tsp peppermint extract Lightly butter 13x9 pan. Butter sides and bottom of heavy 4 pt pan. Place butter in pan and melt. Add milk then sugar, keeping sugar off sides of the pan. Cook over medium high heat until 235 degrees, stirring constantly. Remove from heat and cool to 175 degrees. Do not stir. Add chips and stir until melted. Add marshmallow cream. After well mixed add peppermint and green food coloring. Beat by hand for 1 to 2 minutes until candy loses gloss(mine never did but was still good) Pour in buttered pan. I squiggled some melted milk choc chips on top just to make it look pretty. Let cool, undeisturbed for several hours. Cut and wrap, makes a lot!

Jenni said...

I've seen similar patterns elsewhere, so cute, even in red at that Rosanna place online, love-ly!