Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Granny Chic Book of the Week...

I love this old book. It's a little old fashioned (in the weird way) in places, but mostly it's old fashioned in the good way. The book gives advice like: don't wear tight shoes, you can't be charming if your feet hurt. Hilarious, but still true.
Charm is a word that has some negative connotations now, but in this book it means sincerity, kindness, generosity and ettiquette. It was originaly published in 1938, but no culture has needed it's advice more than our current one.
As you read, you may have to edit for content. For example:"There is scarcely an hour that passes in which someone doesn't do something for you. It may be the grocery boy . It may be the mailman. Most of all it will be the people with whom you work and live. Do you stop to realize the humanity of these givers of good things that make your life comfortable? Your telephone operator, your stenographer, your maid, your laundress, the man who tends your garden (I wish....), the chauffer who taxis you? What is your attitude toward them? Are they mere scenery, something you paid for and so needn't be aware of? You can't afford to think so. Your attitude toward those who serve you reflects your attitude toward everyone else. Charm springs from warmth, not etiquette."
I don't have gardener, (dang) or a chauffer (no biggy, I love driving) but I have a hundred people who help me accomplish the things I want to do. How would you like to be the kid at the UPS store that does my laminating? Poor guy. I should tip him, but I hope that I thanked him very kindly anyway. I sure appreciate that he made my Christmas card so shiny. I love shiny. I need to do this better. I get so distracted thinking about other things, I often don't even look the cashier at the grocery store in the eye and say, "Hello". Bad manners. I am going to do better.
Anyway, (rambling, sorry) this book is just silly in places (the parts about bathing), but it has some great points. Enjoy!


Jenni said...

this looks great, i agree, we do need this now more than ever...i think whoppe goldberg just wrote a book about manners, the lost art

Mo said...

you have a kid that does you laminating? I would have thought you had your own laminater (machine, not kid). That laminator kid deserves a Holiday tip.