Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Chris Gardner is an amazing person.. and Will Smith better get the Oscar.

Whatever you do this holiday season, do not miss this film on the the big screen. It may be 5 years before Hollywood gets a clue and writes another script like this one.
In these United States and around the world as well there must be thousands of people with stories like this one, maybe not as dramatic, but certainly stories about people who are good, who are decent, who are brave just like Chris Gardner. Hollywood rarely makes these kinds of stories into movies.
Hollywood prefers the dark and the base and the ugly to a story like this that can really lift and inspire people. I don't get it.
If Will Smith does not get the Oscar this year for making this picture, then I am done with the Oscars forever.
Read more about Chris Gardners amazing life here.

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Mother Goose said...

No kidding. Will Smith rules!!